Nezha wants to be on the market, but also wants to overtake cars in curves, can there be “Hot Wheels”?

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Sources of finance and economics the author | | deep blue circle Wu Ruixin new energy cars, never short of news.Nezha, a “dark horse” whose January deliveries surpassed NIO’s in early February, has recently attracted the attention of both inside and outside the industry.Nezha, a dark horse, has been on the market since last year.On February 16, according to the exclusive report of Financial Union, Nezha automobile brand main body United Automobile officially launched the Hong Kong stock listing plan.However, United Automobile has responded, do not comment.Nezha, on the other hand, has recently been in the news for its quality problems.As one of the representatives of the “second echelon” of new car making forces, whether Ne Zha can achieve the curve surpasses is also the focus of the industry.But for now, Nezha may need a pair of “Hot Wheels” to overtake cars on curves.Wei Xiaoli has been under increasing pressure since last year, when more and more new car makers began to rush into the new-energy vehicle sector and announced their plans to build cars.On the other hand, the new force of car building internal competition pressure is also growing.”Wei Xiaoli” in the first tier successively topped the monthly sales list, while Nezha, Zero Run, Huawei, Beiqi Jihu and Geely Jikrypton in the second tier also made continuous efforts.Among them, Nezha surpassed its sales expectations in May last year, ranking in the top three for the first time.In January, Nezha made another push, overtaking NiO and once again ranking third.In front of the “three fools” to contend, after the black horse to pursue.Industry volume, quite serious.But unlike the “Three Fools” of the first tier of new Forces, Nezha’s car is obviously much cheaper.According to nezha’s official website, there are currently four models of Nezha, namely NEzha U Pro, NEzha V Pro, Nezha V and Nezha S.Nezha V and V Pro are aimed at the lower end of the market, with subsidized starting prices of 78,900 yuan and 62,900 yuan, respectively.Nezha U Pro is aimed at the mid-to-high-end market at 150,000 yuan, with a subsidized starting price of 102,800 yuan.Unlike “Three Idiots”, which aimed at the middle and high-end market, Nezha is now taking the route of “the countryside encircled the city”, that is, targeting the sunken market.Xiao Li (pseudonym), whose hometown is located in a third-line city in southwest China, found many trams in his hometown when he returned home this Spring Festival. In addition to tesla, NiO, Ideal, Xiaopeng and other new forces, Wuling Hongguang Mini and Nezha cars also appeared frequently.Even When Hailing an online taxi, Xiao Li came across a Nezha car.”I was a little shocked. I thought third-tier cities didn’t have a high acceptance of trams, but I didn’t expect to find one when I took a taxi.”Xiao Li was filled with emotion.Although in Xiao Li’s unexpected, but also in the common sense.”After all, Nezha car is only tens of thousands more expensive than Wuling Hongguang Mini, but the space is much larger, cost-effective and more practical!”Yes, Nezha is aiming at a sinking market.In 2021, the annual sales volume of Nezha totaled 69,674 units, up 361.7% year on year in 2020, which is the brand with the highest growth rate among mainstream new power brands.Although there is still a certain distance from the sales of the first camp, but in the second ladder, it has been in a leading position.However, the rise in sales comes amid negative publicity over the quality of Nezha’s cars.There is still one month to go before 315. According to on February 15, several owners of Nezha cars reported that the range of their models was falsely marked.A car owner in Jiangsu province said his 2021 Nezha U Pro 400 has a range of only 165 km, despite the official claim of 400 km.Almost on the basis of the official publicity of the mileage hit 4 fold, mileage serious false standard.What makes the car owner more dissatisfied is that after negotiating with Nezha’s car, the other party said that “the range is normal and has something to do with driving habits”.When the car owner asks to replace the battery, Nezha also refuses on the grounds that “no abnormality has been found in the background driving data of the vehicle, so it can be used safely”.And in the black cat complaint platform, the same complaint is not a minority.A nezha owner believes that The Car is suspected of cheating.The owner suspected that The 38 degree battery pack and 43 degree battery pack were used to defraude the country of subsidies.He said that the battery of Nezha V is divided into Huating 43 degrees and Zhouzhihang 38.5 degrees. The nezha V he bought is the 38.5 degree battery pack of Zhouzhihang, but the actual range is far from 401km as advertised by Nezha. The battery consumes 62% of the power in the actual 155km range.In addition to the problems with the car’s endurance, owners have complained of various “minor faults”, such as abnormal brake sound and the trunk springing open automatically.Although the problems were not very serious, nezha’s after-sales treatment attitude was very negative after the repair report, which made the car owner’s car experience extremely bad.It’s worth noting that Nezha’s brand vision on its website reads: ‘Make high-quality intelligent electric vehicles available at your fingertips.'”Every effort has been made to create high-quality smart electric vehicles for our customers.Under the premise of ensuring the first principle of high quality, we always pursue excellence in product quality and user-friendly price. Based on the needs of users, we provide as many intelligent configurations as possible, and integrate cutting-edge technology into the present, focusing on the new technology of free travel.”In addition to the price of the people, the other” careful intentions “and” high quality “, the owners have not experienced.While Shouting “build cars for the people”, they ignore the demands of owners and the user experience.In the early days of Nezha, many people had never heard of the brand.However, nezha’s car has also gained a lot of attention due to the popularity of the film ne Zha.According to its website, the brand “Nezha” was named to promote the spirit of daring to experiment, face challenges and live out your true self, just like Nezha.However, United New Energy uses Nzha, the national IP as a brand has been criticized by many people.Some people think, United New energy use Nezha as a brand name, is completely rubbing heat.And three silly founder each has a different story, Ne Zha car confirmed a famous founder, born lack of flow.Perhaps because of this, Nezha car later accepted investment from 360, and also made a lot of efforts in heat and flow.In 2021, Wu Yizan “overturned” event, all brands are eager to put aside the relationship, and Nezha Auto has taken the initiative to jump out at this time, want to borrow Wu Yizan marketing circle.According to screenshots posted online, a person with the wechat name peng Gang suggested in a wechat group named Nezha Brand Management Center that Wu be given a chance and be officially promoted as the spokesperson to show that bad people also need a chance.Because “Ne Zha’s spirit is to give everyone a chance to turn over a new leaf”, “the worst thing you can do is to make an official apology and fire those involved”.After the screenshots were circulated, Nezha’s car also lost popularity because it did not get off the production also commented on the case, saying it “vividly demonstrates the dishonest corporate culture and values”.In November, When Facebook, renamed Meta, announced its entry into the meta-universe, Ne Zha’s car also gained a lot of popularity.Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 and investor of Nezha, publicly said that Facebook changed its name to Meta as a tribute to Neta.By the way, it also took the opportunity to promote Ne Zha to become the three new forces of car making.Then in the same month, Ne Zha was rumored to be on the market.According to Zha, Nezha has received eight rounds of financing so far, but it has not attracted much attention in the market due to the strong momentum of “Three Idiots”.By 2021, Nezha had attracted investment from 360 Group and immediately attracted the attention of the market.Within a year, Nezha completed another round of FINANCING of D+ and D++, which not only attracted well-known institutions such as Shenwan Hongyuan, Jianyin International, JINFu Venture Capital and CITIC Securities Investment, but also attracted the attention of the “King of Ningde” — Ningde Times.With more than 6.9 billion yuan in financing last year, does Nezha need money now?Not necessarily.Making cars is a “money burning” job, and selling cars to make money is just a luxury dream. Taking NIO as an example, it is still unable to get rid of the dilemma of “selling cars at a loss” and “making blood by itself”.Nezha is currently in the stage of high losses.According to the performance of Nezha revealed in the financial report of 360 Group, nezha achieved a revenue of 1.297 billion yuan and a net loss of 1.321 billion yuan in 2020.In the first half of 2021, it achieved a revenue of 1.632 billion yuan and a net loss of 693 million yuan.But in order to make a profit, increasing car production and sales is essential.Therefore, the current new energy car into a dead cycle.If Nezha wants to further shake off the distance with the second echelon and squeeze into the head, it is bound to further improve product sales.This requires a lot of financial support.In addition, the second echelon of zero run, Weima cars have also been rumored to be on the market.But the market has the strength to support the vehicle enterprises are limited, not enough to satisfy the people, Ne Zha’s car listing, is already on the line, have to send.However, whether It can leap from the high-priced Wuling Hongguang Mini to the popular version of “Wei Xiaoli” is the key to whether Nezha can realize the curve overtaking.To realize the curve overtaking, among the new forces of the car, the technology of the “hot wheel” or some.Due to their limited price, nezha and other low-end electric vehicles are often criticized for their “limited intelligence level”. Compared with Nezha, nezha’s efforts in autonomous driving technology are not very deep.But now Nezha must tell a new story on the technical side if it is to hit the market.