Woman falls on motorbike and her right hand is pinned by bus Firefighters arrive to rescue her

2022-06-20 0 By

Xinmin Evening News (reporter Xu Chi) February 18 at 10 o ‘clock in the morning, fengxian district South bridge road occurred a traffic accident, a woman riding an electric car accidentally fell, then the right hand was a normal running bus pressure.After receiving the alarm, fengxian District fire rescue detachment to the scene disposal.Eventually, the injured woman was rescued and sent to hospital.When the fire rescue personnel arrived, they found the bus stopped not far from the platform. A woman was lying on the front right wheel of the bus, with her right hand pinned under the bus wheel.Cold weather combined with pain in her hands, the injured woman was conscious but not in a good mental state and moaned in pain from time to time.In order to rescue the injured woman as soon as possible, the fire and rescue personnel immediately do on-site vigilance and personal protection work.Rescue workers dived under the bus and placed a lift cushion under the front wheel on the right side. When the wheel was supported to a certain height, the rescue workers rescued the injured woman, and an ambulance was on standby to take the injured to hospital.The woman fell while riding her electric bike and was caught by a bus driving behind her.At present, the injured are still receiving treatment in the hospital, the accident responsibility is still in progress.