Don’t let Biden do it alone!On the fourth day of Trump’s “revenge” speech, Obama is out again

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both out in force in the race to become the next PRESIDENT of the United States, with Donald Trump delivering a speech that featured a variety of attacks on Joe Biden.And now Biden, obviously, is at a low point, his approval ratings are at their lowest point, and at this moment, an unexpected big name comes in. Is this not going to leave Biden alone?Five years after leaving office, President Barack Obama returned to the White House on April 5 to speak.The president’s speech was focused on Obamacare, the biggest signature achievement of his presidency.Obama is now one of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party, and his visit also coincides with a time when Biden’s approval ratings continue to fall. Some analysts believe that Obama’s appearance is a symbol of Biden’s beginning to seek outside help.It is worth mentioning that White House press Secretary Jen Psaki stressed the friendship between Obama and Biden, saying that the two are not just “friends in Washington”, but real friends, and they often talk on the phone.U.S. media also reported that Biden has been in touch with Obama since he took office.Obama also campaigned for Biden during his presidential campaign.It is well known that Biden served as vice president during the Obama presidency. In the speech, Obama joked that Biden was vice president, and then quickly said that he was only joking, but there is no problem with that. Biden was vice president when Obama was president.Biden also praised and praised Obama’s health care program, calling it the most appropriate.Biden spent many years in and out of politics, becoming president at the age of 79, and it wasn’t an easy road to the presidency. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was given the chance, and the death of his son precluded biden from running for president in 2016.Biden inherited a complete mess, and his apparent inability to deal with it has contributed to his plunging approval ratings.Biden is seeking a second term, but there is no optimism about that, partly because his approval ratings are falling, and partly because he is indeed getting old. If he were to seek a second term, he would be in his 80s, and many people question whether he has enough stamina to continue as president.Part of the news reference source: Chutian Metropolis Daily