How many gaoyou people are nostalgic for this old food?

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Food is often the most homesick thing in the world.On the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, a new round of sales boom has been set off for qinyou Dong Tang, a special food that has been inherited for more than 600 years in Our city.Smell the aroma and take a bite of soft and sweet, which is deeply engraved in the mind of the older generation of childhood taste.Having a bite during the Spring Festival is like going back to the carefree childhood days.Sugar core and sugar bone shape dong Candy is gaoyou specialty.In the hearts of gaoyou people, Dong Tang is no less important than duck eggs.Dong Tang not only has history, story, and pure natural products.Each piece is made up of 48 sugar cores and powdered sugar. The layers of sugar cores, like pages pressed together, are delicate and compact.When dong Tang is packed with glutinous rice paper, it offsets the intensity of your mouth and makes it much sweeter than it used to make it stick to your teeth. It makes it much loved by posttown residents.As a time-honored enterprise producing local characteristic snacks, Gaoyou Food Factory has been producing Dong Tang for 70 years.Into the food factory dong sugar processing workshop, rich sweet fragrance.The masters engaged in dong Sugar production are busy with every process, from boiling sugar, making sugar core, making sugar bone, shaping, cutting sugar and loading the plate.As an intangible cultural heritage project of Jiangsu Province, the craft of making sugar in The Qin Dynasty has encountered difficulties in inheriting.In 2009, gaoyou city food factory restructuring, Dong Sugar stopped production.In order not to let dong sugar production skills lost, the restructuring of the food factory reopened a new workshop, recalled the original factory workers.With the joint efforts of everyone, the production technique of Dong sugar of Qin Post has been continued.In recent years, through the e-commerce platform, The sales volume of Qin Post Dong Sugar has been rising steadily.Ma Guoxiang, 58, is the youngest inheritor of the sugar making technique.By increasing publicity, he hopes to attract young people to learn how to make dong Tang so that the craft can be passed on forever.In recent years, Gaoyou food Factory has kept pace with The Times, updated the sugar formula, reduced the sweetness, and made Dong Tang more healthy.Taste a bite, is still inherited 600 years old taste, sweet in the mouth, sweet to the heart.