Ministry of Culture and Tourism: The qingming Holiday to strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures in scenic spots

2022-06-21 0 By

With the Qingming Festival just around the corner, how can people travel safely under the current situation of epidemic prevention and control?A press conference held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Wednesday revealed that relevant regions have been instructed to plan and deploy epidemic prevention and control work in advance this week to push forward the epidemic prevention and control.According to introducing, culture and tourism this week published the fifth period “tourist spot epidemic prevention forecast guide epidemic prevention and control work, specific measures, including strictly implement scenic spots” set limit to, make an appointment, wrong peak “requirement, strengthen the employees health monitoring and management, strict implementation of cross-provincial tourist management” fuse “mechanism, cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies at all levels continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection, etc.Li Xiaoyong, deputy director of the market management department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, reminded tourists who will travel during the Qingming Festival to pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic in China and medium-high risk areas, and not to travel to medium-high risk areas.During travel, it is necessary to fully understand and consciously observe the prevention and control requirements such as health code inspection, temperature measurement, standard wearing of masks, frequent washing of hands, frequent ventilation, and good habits of “one meter noodles”.Stop visiting and seek medical advice in case of cough or fever.(Reporter: Xu Zhuang, Zhou Wei