To help a man in a crisis and to do a good deed

2022-06-21 0 By

On February 5, a short video titled “Good Samaritan.Give him a thumbup” was widely shared by the county court staff.Many police officers recognized that the video of the critical moment to extend a helping hand of the good Samaritan, is his colleague – the county court police Officer Zeng Jia.On the evening of New Year’s Day, Zeng Jia, who was in his hometown of Jia Town, heard someone calling for help on the road.He immediately ran out to check on the situation and found a woman lying on the ground, hands and feet straight, twitching, foaming at the mouth.Zeng judged that the woman was most likely having a seizure.Thinking that the worst thing he feared was biting his tongue during a seizure, Zeng asked the shopkeeper to bring a pair of chopsticks, put them in the woman’s mouth and called her over and over.The woman was a nearby villager. Onlookers recognized her and informed her family, who called 120 for help.After a series of emergency rescue measures, the woman gradually regained consciousness, her family also rushed to the scene.Seeing the situation stabilized, Zeng left the scene.At that time, some netizens took pictures of the rescue scene, and other police officers saw it and forwarded it to the work group, which made Zeng jia’s deeds known to everyone.”It was instinct at that time to save someone,” zeng said. “Anyone would lend a helping hand. I just did what I should do.”Correspondent/Tian Chenghao editor/Jiang Rong Editor/Su Ling Guo Mingyang audit/Chen Dana Xing Chong