What happens to people with bad liver if they eat an egg a day?Listen to the doctor

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Introduction: Liver is a very important organ of the body, mainly responsible for detoxification of the body, if there is a problem with the liver, toxins and garbage in the body can not be discharged in time, affecting the normal operation of the body.The pain nerve in the liver is not very developed, and the nerve distribution is less than 5%, which is also the reason why many people suffer from liver disease. When the liver changes, the body will not have obvious symptoms, and it is easy to be ignored. If the liver disease is very serious when the body feels it.So hepatitis patient must maintain delicate dietary habit at ordinary times, eat fruit vegetable more, eat the food such as tall adipose, spicy, fat less, especially during hepatitis sicken.Liver lesions, can signal the 4, to the body at ordinary times should pay attention to observe a lot 1, spider angioma the mole, and we are the moles of different appearance, the liver can promote the secretion of female hormones in the human body health, inactivated effect, liver damage will affect the lesions, which leads to the female hormone cannot be regulating liver and affect balance.2, systemic edema liver has the role of secreting protein synthesis, if the secretion of protein synthesis is reduced because of liver reasons, patients will show the symptoms of systemic edema because of low protein.3, anemia, night blindness liver also has the role of vitamin metabolism, when the liver problems lead to vitamin metabolism disorders, patients will show night blindness, anemia and other symptoms because of vitamin deficiency.4, skin yellow if the skin suddenly turns yellow, exclude eating a lot of food containing carotene, such as oranges, pumpkins, etc., these food is not easy to be absorbed by the body, will show on the skin, causing the skin to look yellow.If the skin turns yellow and has jaundice symptoms, you should be aware of whether it is an early sign of liver cancer. This malignant tumor causes bile to flow into the blood and causes the skin to turn yellow as the body circulates.Liver bad person, if eat an egg everyday what can happen?As we all know, eating eggs every day is good for human health, but there are also disadvantages. Eggs are rich in protein and A variety of minerals, such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, vitamin A.Eggs are rich in lecithin, to promote the growth of the brain has A good effect, can protect the liver, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, have the effect of the auxiliary fall blood pressure and reducing blood fat, vitamin A can prevent night blindness and alleviate eye fatigue, replenish the nutrition for the eyes and generally one or two eggs A day.But eggs contain a lot of cholesterol and fat, if too much, will increase the amount of fat in the blood, leading to atherosclerosis, easy to increase the risk of fatty liver.Patients with bad liver can eat eggs, generally not more than one a day, eggs are rich in nutrition, but people with bad liver, or cirrhosis, or even serious liver function damage, is not suitable to eat too many eggs, will increase the burden of the liver.And the liver is not good people, in the process of eating eggs to avoid frying, frying, etc., boiled eggs are the most suitable for liver disease patients to eat, including chicken custard.However, if liver disease patients have hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma and other complications, eggs must be communicated with the doctor, under the doctor’s advice with diet, to avoid the occurrence of elevated blood ammonia caused by hepatic encephalopathy.In a word: if the liver has lesions, we should pay attention to our diet at ordinary times, keep a light diet, eat more eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods, keep a good attitude, drink more water, these are conducive to liver repair methods.