Real GT2 Pro priced at 2999 yuan?Is it set wrong or is it priced wrong?

2022-06-22 0 By

Recently, the mobile phone market has set off a wave of internal trend, many manufacturers often have some confusing dynamics, according to the current update frequency and price of mobile phones, most of the domestic brands maintain the price between 3000-4500 yuan, a few of the price to 6000+, while Apple is relatively high price.However, in such a market, consumers are still caught off guard. Realme has built a very good reputation last year, not only because of its beautiful price, but also because of its excellent performance. Its GT series can be said to be the flagship brand, and the price can be controlled within 3500 yuan.Recently, Realme GT 2 Pro was released with snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 2K resolution stepless frame screen, and no problem with the flagship configuration.There was a 200 yuan coupon for the first one, and the initial prices were 3699 yuan, 3999 yuan and 4299 yuan, but after the Spring Festival, the price was directly reduced by 500 yuan, and then directly reduced to 2999 yuan, which was confusing.If the price cut started because sales expectations were not met, why did it start again?Many netizens doubt, really not because of the wrong price?