South Korea was the big winner of the Alternative Asian Cup, with only one Chinese women’s football team on the list

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If the Asian Cup is regarded as a big drama, I believe that the fans must be intoxicated by infatuation, Shouting ecstasy!The Chinese women’s football team was without doubt the biggest winner, Wang Shanshan won the most valuable Player award, Zhu Yu won the Golden Glove award for best goalkeeper, and the Chinese women’s football team lifted the championship trophy!Here to this Asian cup did an alternative award selection, bo everyone a smile.Best Screenplay: Shui Qingxia asked, who could design the Chinese women’s soccer team to win the championship so exciting?Semi-final against Japan, twice down and twice back!And the second came in the last minute of extra time!Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved Japan’s first penalty kick in the shootout to the delight of the Chinese fans, but the first Player to take the penalty also hit the ball away.Did anyone have a heart attack?Finally zhu Yu saved the penalty kick again, and China wang Shanshan successfully knocked out the Japanese team!As if the water director wasn’t exciting enough, he did something even more exciting in the final!Korea was leading 2-0 at half time!While we were all worried about the women’s soccer girls, The Chinese women’s soccer team scored two goals in four minutes to level the score, and then just when everyone thought it was going to extra time, the Chinese team beat South Korea!Is this a joke on the Korean team?The play was written and directed by Director Shui.In the semi-final against Japan, when they were 1-0 down at halftime, xiao was brought on at the start of the second half and it was Xiao who set up Wu Chengshu for the equalising goal.It was a masterstroke to make two substitutions in the final, with Xiao Yu-yi and Zhang Linyan coming on for the second half, and it was the two who won.Jiali Tang scored the first goal, four minutes later, tang set up Zhang Linyan to score the equaliser, and xiao Yuyi scored the winner in stoppage time!How long has it been since a local coach made such a magical substitution?Best Actor: Colin Bell, coach of South Korea after South Korea reached the final, the Briton was full of confidence, claiming to break the stranglehold of China, Japan and Australia on the title and claiming to have found the weak spot in Chinese women’s football.Before the game, Colin Bell was all smiles as he posed for a photo with the Asian Cup.Colin Bell’s expression was not easy when South Korea went 2-0 up, but the Englishman could not have looked more black on the bench after China’s winner.Real interpretation of what is great joy great sorrow!Award for best actor in a supporting role: Gu Xiuquan, Chinese men’s soccer (tied) I’m afraid it no doubt the best male rationing Gu Xiuquan, Gu Xiuquan players don’t ShuiQingXia, LouJiaHui, Tang Jiali also proved himself in the Asian cup, against Japan holding to LouJiaHui Tang Jiali in the final against South Korea, a goal assists, help the Chinese team back,And the total number of goals four also ranked the forefront of the golden goals list.Joint best male match Chinese men’s soccer team makes people angry, losing is not terrible, fear is lack of blood, lack of self-esteem!After losing to Vietnam team unexpectedly still have the mood to buy luxury goods, the players smile, do not know that they still thought they won Vietnam!I wonder if the men’s football team has organized to watch the Asian Cup final.Best actress award: South Korea captain Chi Xiaoran before the game touch the trophy is a big taboo ah!Everyone knows that, right?Who gave her the courage to hold the trophy for a photo?Foreign those before the game to touch the trophy overturned the example everywhere ah!Pool laughran play is not much, the Asian Cup of the impression seems to be South Korea’s semi-final elimination of Australia that game, pool laughran into the world wave of the knockout?Give him a lady for her courage in touching the trophy.Best supporting Actress: South Korea goalkeeper, South Korea (tie) When the Chinese women’s soccer team scored two goals in four minutes to equalize the score, the South Korean goalkeeper has been a number of panic, the reporter captured the expression can be seen her nervous, I think can do a facial expression package?When the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game, the South Korean team looked dumbstruck, seemingly unable to believe the result.South Korea has a tradition of giving thanks after a loss. I don’t know if the South Korean team apologized this time.Best audience: South Korean media When The Chinese men’s football team lost to Vietnam 3-1, the South Korean media reported the news, the three hosts actually choked with laughter, even laugh forgot their lines.I don’t know if these three hosts have watched the Asian Cup final, I don’t know if they will cry to suffocate this time?Cry till you forget your words?