Great Britain’s 4x100m relay has been disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics and China are expected to win bronze

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Epicenter wide net Beijing on February 19 (reporter yi-qun wang) according to the central radio and television news desk the voice of China “news evening peak” report, the international sports arbitration court announced Wednesday, Britain’s track and field athlete wu jia because considered violated the anti-doping rules, so in the 2021 Tokyo games in the men’s 4 x100 relay final grades will be canceled,China’s men’s relay team, which had finished fourth, is expected to win bronze, which would be the country’s best relay performance in Olympic history.Italy won the men’s 4x100m relay final at the Tokyo Olympic Games on August 6, 2021. Great Britain crossed the finish line in second place.The Chinese team of Wu Zhiqiang, Su Bingtian, Tang Xingqiang and Xie Zhenye finished fourth in 37.79 seconds.However, after the Games, Tokyo’s doping testing laboratory informed the International Regulatory Body (ITA) that British track and field athlete Uja had been found in a doping test during the games to contain two banned substances that help build muscle and lose fat.The world Athletics federation announced that Uja had been provisionally suspended.Despite insisting at the time that he was innocent, Uja’s Olympic B-bottle test was positive.The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Monday ruled that Uja had committed an anti-doping violation and that the British team would be stripped of their silver medal.Cao Yaqi, deputy editor-in-chief of Titan Sports, told reporters that it was only a matter of time before the Chinese athletes could get their MEDALS.Cao yaqi said: “Now that the matter has been decided, it may have to wait for various official organizations to complete the procedures, through the Chinese Olympic Committee, through the Chinese Athletics Association to determine the time before the award, the time is not easy to predict, some will wait a long time.”What kind of doping did British track and field athlete Uja take?The Anti-doping unit of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said in a statement that Uja underwent an in-competition doping test after the men’s 4x100m relay final in Tokyo and was found to contain the banned substance Enoxamm (also known as oselstatin) and S-23 (selective androgen receptor modulator SARMS).It has always been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.After the silver medal was cancelled, British athlete Uja also issued a statement to his teammates on The 18th, but insisted that he did not intend to do so, stressing that he unknowingly took contaminated nutrients.The news that British athletes were stripped of their silver MEDALS for doping caused a lot of heated discussion.Tokyo Olympic Games men’s 4×100 meters relay final Chinese player Tang Xingqiang told reporters on the phone, for the court of Arbitration for Sport of the news, in fact, his heart has been prepared.Tang xingqiang told reporters that he still hopes to step up training and actively prepare for the next Paris Olympic Games, hoping to be in the best state to meet the challenges in the future.In fact, throughout the history of the Olympic Games, athletes after winning, because of doping was found to be withdrawn from the event in fact not many.Chinese athletes have also experienced the “regret” of not being able to stand on the podium with a medal because of the violation of the opponent’s rules.For example, Gong Lijiao finished fourth in the women’s shot put final at the 2012 London Olympics with a score of 20.22 meters.But after the closing ceremony, the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee announced that the belarusian shot-put champion had been stripped of her gold medal after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Gong Lijiao took bronze instead.”For athletes, at the moment of their career, they should stand on the podium at the Olympics, but now they don’t.Not every athlete has the next four years, and this loss of honor is not something that can be made up for with a medal on your chest.In fact, it is also a reason why many sports teams and athletes hate doping.Not only is it physically harmful to the doping athletes, but it’s really unfair to the other athletes.”But as Gong Lijiao says, “Justice and fairness may be late, but they are never absent.Good luck and dreams are always on the way.”Tang xingqiang said that he hoped Chinese athletes would continue to work hard to create their own dreams in the future.