Wang Junkai has opened a blog for ten years, and opened the schema of 18 grid photos, selfie video all have

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Chun-kai wang opened your personal account has ten years, had fans are summed up in these years kai dynamic release birthday party, and looking forward to kai will be released in tenth birthday how to surprise, kai released a homemade video, and fans of propaganda video capture is 18 GongGe self-time, this way is really too surprise.Chun-kai wang into social platform has ten years of time, the social platform ten years witnessed the kai from teenagers to the metamorphosis of juvenile, kai will be launched on time every year, record their birthday, and every year since the photo and your good wishes, and kai account tenth birthday this year, fans are looking forward to the arrival of the kai.Little kay online social networking account, there are fans in watching every move of the kai, looking forward to working with the kai surprise, didn’t think kai this changed the way his birthday party, issued a homemade video, and a caption “hello everyone, I am a little kay, today at the age of 10, had 18 GongGe self-time, see you.”Kai every year, choose to use “hello everyone, I am a little kay” template, this dynamic conform to article 1 of kai, small and medium-sized kiah said in the video to “hello everyone, I am a little kay, today I was 10 years old, so strange, actually want to say this decade basic has share with you, at this time of the year will also send a self-time, what about today, don’t send,Just take as many selfies as you can.”After Kai said that, he immediately shook his screen, a moment completely can not see kai’s face, and Kai also with the camera shaking in the opposite direction, Kai in fast moving, finally for everyone to send a New Year wishes, “well, thank you, I wish you a happy New Year”.This whole new tenth birthday dynamic is so unique.Although fan kai said to intercept 18 GongGe autodyne picture, but he is still very warm heart, since in the comments section to attach your own photos, and the Angle of this piece of the photo and video are not the same, is little Kate shot record, kai has very proud jiao commented “means that the ceremony there is some sense”, behind plus the cool expression.Not only that, except kai kai studio also forward the dynamic kai birthday party, studio also send their New Year wishes, then automatically captures the four pieces of kai from photos to fans, video and take the birthday, really too surprise fans, this is kai and studio another pet powder.However, one of Kev’s fans chose to automatically capture the selfie without capturing Kev’s face, and later posted their own image in the comments section, saying: ‘Can I ask him?’, and his fans’ sense of humor is exactly the same as Kev himself, making the moment a special celebration of his 10th birthday.Every year kai is would you like to spend the happy birthday with fans, hopes to remain a beginner’s mind kai to go on, looking forward to the next 10 years, at the same time also ZhuXiaoKai happy New Year, kai on the growth of the way are very memorable moment, looking forward to kai in eleven birthday bring another surprise moment, looking forward to kai next to bring good news.