The hidden “electric monster” in mobile phones, which many people do not turn off after using, consumes up to 30% more power

2022-05-08 0 By

Nowadays, more and more software on mobile phones make people use smart phones frequently. Some functions are used in life and some functions are used in work. The number of times of opening mobile phones every day is increasing, which leads to the battery of mobile phones being easily exhausted.Some people often play mobile phone frequently, often a day filled with 2 or 3, 4, such use actually very battery consumption, and the battery is sealed, will reduce the service life of the cell phone, the battery will appear behind all sorts of problems, such as filling is not electricity, full of electricity can only be used on two or three hours, and so on.Because the battery is also a consumable, the use of a long time will also be aging, resulting in the use of mobile phones is not durable, poor battery life, of course, on the other hand, but also with the use of personal way, some people like to play games, or run large software, power consumption speed will be accelerated, the battery life will be reduced.So some software is actually very power consumption, if not closed in time after use, then it may consume more mobile phone power, so what are these software?How do we turn off the hidden software?Let’s talk about it.Hidden “electric monster” in mobile phone, 30% more power consumption!On the Settings of our mobile phones, there will be a battery option, which contains the battery usage and the ranking of the power consumption of the software, from which we can find the software with high power consumption.The app that consumes the most electricity for most people is wechat.It’s a constant drain on battery life because it’s so versatile and has a lot of memory, which makes it faster to run, but it’s a must-have app for voice chat, video calls, online payments, and more.That would make people struggle, because it has become our life is inseparable from the use of tools, even don’t want to shut down, hidden in the background, after all, there may be important message sent, or someone to contact, especially during the festival, more communicative activities, will not shut off directly, but hidden in the background.But in fact, we do not worry, because we can find that some very power consumption behavior basically has the following points: (1) some small programs of wechat, such as wechat movement, will need the step sensor time record of the mobile phone, will increase the power consumption of the mobile phone.2. Downloading data or things consumes power very quickly, such as transferring files, downloading emojis, etc.③ Some wechat group information, etc.If the software collects too much information, it will cause the CPU to be in working state all the time, so the power consumption is very fast. The last way is to find these software to clean up.We can do as follows: ①, unplug some useless groups, avoid sending messages to increase power consumption.②, close some temporarily unused functions, such as wechat movement in wechat, Tencent news and so on.(3) Reduce screen brightness and turn off Bluetooth and NFC in time.(4) Enable the power saving mode of the mobile phone and clean the software before locking the screen.All of these methods can improve battery life and make batteries more durable.Xiaobian has words: if you find your mobile phone power consumption is very fast, you can go to set there to look at the battery function, there will be software power usage, in addition to wechat there are many software will consume a certain amount of power, timely cleaning, increase the power by 30%, let your mobile phone charge a whole day.Do you have any other views on this?Welcome to discuss together.