Shulan’s Spring Festival holiday tourism market continues to improve

2022-05-11 0 By

Spring Festival meets the Winter Olympic Games, tourism flavor thick.During the Spring Festival holiday, Shulan received tourists under the premise of implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures. The main indicators of tourism increased significantly, with a total of 20,300 tourists received and a tourism income of 2,094 million yuan. The city’s tourism market showed a continuous positive trend.In jiulongshan Forest Park, “Jilin Snow Village · Shulan Erhe” and other scenic spots, snow sports become a new favorite of tourists.Skating, snow hooping, sledding…Parents are taking their children to experience the fun of ice and snow and feel the charm of the Winter Olympics.”Jilin Snow Village · Shulan Erhe” creates a wonderful light show for tourists, centering on diversified interactive contents such as skiing, experiencing mountain treasures, living on fire and experiencing folk customs, so that tourists can deeply experience shulan’s ice and snow resources and traditional Chinese custom culture.In view of the normal epidemic prevention and control situation during the Spring Festival, as well as the increasing number of independent travel and individual tourists, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Tourism organized a supervision group to conduct regular supervision and inspection of scenic spots and entertainment venues in the city to implement epidemic prevention and control and safety measures.The city media Center strengthens publicity through radio, TELEVISION and new media platforms, forming a multi-platform and multi-dimensional publicity situation.It is understood that since the New Year’s day to February 8, the city received 57,100 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 158%;Tourism revenue totaled 2.721 million yuan, up 21% year on year.Among them, “Jilin Snow Town · Shulan Erhe” received 49,100 tourists, up 122% year on year;Tourism revenue totaled 2.137 million yuan, up 78% year on year.Jiulongshan Forest Park receives 8,000 tourists and has a comprehensive tourism income of 584,000 yuan., end,