Qichun commission: the first-line follow-up supervision help the economy off to a good start

2022-05-13 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Xu Hongjun, Zhao Yongjie) “county emergency management bureau’s help is really too timely, not only for our new employees to carry out safety training, but also for all our equipment for safety inspection, so that we resume work and production more safe, more confident.”Recently, Qichun Degao Mining Co., LTD. Mining director Wang Xianhua happily came to inspect the county commission for Discipline Inspection supervision committee follow up supervision staff reflect.Since the city quarter after the follow-up supervision and activities for the “start”, qichun county commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee quickly establish the quarter of the county economy “good start” follow-up supervision activity plan, set up five supervision and inspection group, led by the team members, around nine key point, deep into functional departments, enterprises, park, factory, construction site, such as line to carry out on-the-spot investigations on the spot,Understand the development of enterprise projects and departments to fulfill their duties, urge the solution of development problems, seriously investigate and punish the style and discipline of economic development not to take on the impact of economic development, to the county’s economy in the first quarter of the “good start” escort.”What is the cause of the current slow recovery of industrial electricity?””Is there a problem that the guarantee department fails to provide follow-up services when some newly signed projects are not started?”The county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of the “industrial power recovery, project construction, factors guarantee” and other backward indicators and ranking, in-depth find the crux of the problem, to accurately supervise and urge functional departments to strengthen service guarantee, vigorously grasp the weak points, to ensure that the first quarter of the goals and tasks to achieve a “good start”.It is reported that 120 enterprises in the county have resumed production, 105 projects under construction of 50 million yuan have all resumed work.In the follow-up supervision activities, the county commission of Discipline supervision committee to take “a Monday summary, a Monday report” system, for supervision and inspection found problems, the establishment of special ledger, regular summary analysis, special class supervision implementation, to ensure that each piece has a landing, everything has echo.In response to simple problems of individual character, we urged functional departments to take action and make changes by sending disciplinary inspection and supervision proposals, reminding letters and interviews.In view of the common and difficult problems, the formation of a special report, the county party committee and the county government to assist in solving, focus on solving the difficult points that affect the development of enterprises.Up to now, the county commission for discipline inspection commission has been a total of 68 times dispatched cadres for discipline inspection, the county development and reform Bureau, the county branch of the bureau, the county investment promotion and investment promotion center and other 11 key indicators of departments and 15 township offices in the first quarter of the economy “red start” work for comprehensive follow-up supervision, found 4 categories of problems 16.