Watergate Takes the lead, killer strikes back!This year is “the most expensive Spring Festival ever”

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Not surprisingly, after the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday, “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” was the overwhelming leader, reaching 1 billion yuan in less than two days.A few days before the official start of the Spring Festival, zhengzhou cinemas are back to work.The “most expensive Spring Festival in history” just after “picking the stars” is bound to affect the enthusiasm of some movie fans.According to the current situation of Zhengzhou cinema, the box office is slightly down compared with last year’s Spring Festival, but for many cinema informants, it is “already a joy” to be able to resume work before the start of the festival.In addition, in recent years, the Spring Festival with the family to go to the movies has gradually become the Spring Festival “new folk”, so, so far the box office results are also gratifying.In their view, “watergate bridge of long jin lake” good grades can expect, but have a high hospital sources expect “universal” and “the miracle, stupid kid” performance is a bit surprising, “” miracle” word of mouth and actors are good, so now it is also a “miracle”, but the market rapidly changing, hope to have a ‘miracle’ follow-up “.It was just before 8am yesterday, and the staff of Dennis Cinema on Oscar Nautical Road were already on duty, preparing for the first movie show of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.Before they even opened, customers were already arriving with their families to pick up tickets.After 1:30 p.m., more and more people gathered, and they gradually returned to their usual state of not having time to drink during the Lunar New Year holidays.Marketing manager Wang Qiannan said with a smile, it is normal to be too busy to eat dinner. “After all, we haven’t seen a new movie for a long time, so we are looking forward to it.”Lin Ying, marketing manager of Oscar Huijin International Cinestudio, had the same experience. “Before, we were worried about whether people would be affected by the epidemic, but so far the overall effect is good,” she said.It is not as popular as in previous years, but if you come to the venue just before the opening ceremony, you still cannot get a ticket.She introduced that this year’s Spring Festival film genre is rich, in addition to the “God of Medicine” director with Yi Yangqianxi new realistic theme “Miracle · Stupid Child”, Han Han’s return after a three-year period of work “Four Ocean”, mahua fun comedy “The Killer is not too calm”,And bears), to return to the earth “, “pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future”, “tiger mound big hero” three animation film, two war movies also rare to impact the Spring Festival, in addition to the boom before the long jin lake “sequel” watergate bridge “, and also about the Korean war, zhang and zhang directed at the end of the first cooperation between father and daughter “sniper”.As expected, with the foundation laid by its predecessor, watergate Bridge led the Spring Festival season on its first day of release, and many theaters also gave it the most screenings, accounting for 26.6 percent of screenings on its first day of release.Similarly, “Wonder · Stupid Kids” and “Four Seas”, which are highly expected by the cinema industry, also have good screenings, accounting for 21.3% and 16.5% respectively.But to our surprise, after the first day, the underdog “The Killer” and “Boonie Bears after Earth” were ahead.And open points after douban, “four seas” scoring just 5.6 points, word of mouth is controversial, “Korean humor” and “Korean words of gold” to people who don’t like become “old”, “style”, some netizens also can feel starring two perfunctory, and many go to the cinema at Shen Teng audience found “teng content is not high.So on its second day of release, by 20:00, it had dropped from second to fourth at the box office, but it still accounted for more than 16% of the total and made over 300 million yuan.After the cancellation of The Big Family, the burden of making fun of this year’s Spring Festival has passed to Mahua Funage’s other production, The Killer Is Not Too Cool.The combination of Wei Xiang and Ma Li seems to have no advantage compared to the lineup of other blockbusters, but on the second day of release, it has broken through to the second place at the daily box office.”Director Han han’s previous several works have a good reputation, coupled with Shen Teng and Liu Haoran’s support, I was very optimistic about” The Four Seas “, but in the current market, “The Killer is not too calm” is a trend of counterattack.Lin surplus, the film is expected to become the file of “dark horse” the Spring Festival, the most main is a good reputation with the comedy genre and the film, “it is very suitable for the Spring Festival atmosphere, is a qualified family film”, word of mouth after fermentation, arranged and box office also will increase, and their studios will adjust, arranged according to the demand of customers.Filmmakers describe this year’s Spring Festival as “one super four top three animation”.In Wang Qiannan’s view, “Changjin Lake water Gate Bridge” alone leading the Spring Festival, the competition between the last few is very small, “like ‘killer’, ‘universal’, ‘miracle’ these are about two or three billion.”Only “Sniper,” the highest-rated film on Douban, failed at the box office.However, Wang Qiannan is optimistic about this, “after all, it is only the second day of the New Year, there are quite a number of customers have not gone to the cinema, from the third day after there will be some good or in the previous few days did not rush to the first tier of movies, such as’ Miracle stupid Children ‘and’ Sniper ‘.”She noted that Zhang was the chief director of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in China, and that after the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Feb. 4, he played a leading role in promoting the follow-up of Sniper.”I am quite confident about the film. Although the number of screenings and box office is not very high, there will be a considerable number of middle-aged and elderly customers to see the film.”According to Wang qiannan, there are customers who like this kind of background theme and their children will buy tickets especially for their parents.Therefore, she believes that each film will have its own stage to play in the market, “we can look forward to its follow-up performance.”Oscar Huijin International Cinema also has many fans to “sniper”, so Lin Ying is also optimistic about the film to go long, “in fact, the film at the beginning of the release, is to rely on the production team and the leading role of a charismatic, such as two days after the film’s word of praise fermentation, its data will change.”From her to hear everyone’s feedback, “sniper” quality is good, so their studio to “sniper” screen time is also gradually increasing.Another film that surprised many movie insiders was “Miracle kid”, which ranked second on its opening day but took fourth place, grossing 270 million yuan as of 2pm on Saturday.”It didn’t do what we expected.”A person in charge of zhengzhou cinema mentioned that in addition to yi Yangqianxi, who has acting “flow” to join, the director also has “Dying to Survive” such a previous work, “the story is good, the score is not low, but the box office is not high.””We think it’s a very strange phenomenon, a ‘miracle’ indeed.”However, he also mentioned that after watching the watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake for the first time, the well-received “Miracle · Stupid Kid” may become the first choice of many people for the second time. “The market changes rapidly, I hope there will be a ‘miracle’ in the future.”In addition to the epidemic, the rising cost of film production also played a role in ticket sales. The first-day box office of this year’s Spring Festival was 1.494 billion yuan, down slightly from last year’s 1.692 billion yuan. But industry insiders are concerned about the decline in the number of tickets sold, from 34.458 million to 25.36 million this year, more than 9 million less.The total number of tickets sold in Zhengzhou yesterday was 336,000, well below last year’s 535,000.Lin surplus analysis, there is a reason is zhengzhou just “stars”, how many there will be a little concern, “but theaters special comprehensive, epidemic prevention and control of the work we do in the pre-opening requirement of studios for full sanitizers, public areas do as 2 hours every day 5 times of sanitizers, including disinfection, meal every screens inside staff is also two nucleic acid testing for seven days,Visitors are required to scan double numbers, check their temperature and wear masks before entering the venue. The epidemic prevention work is still quite strict.”But elephant news reporters interviewed a number of zhengzhou citizens who like movies, they did not go to see the movie in the first time because “ticket prices have risen again, it is too expensive”, “wait and see first, listen to the word of mouth and then choose, otherwise the family to see the movie, not good waste hundreds of yuan.”Indeed, ticket prices have risen again this year, with the national average reaching 58.9 yuan, up from 49.1 yuan last year.Although the average ticket price of 54 yuan in Zhengzhou is lower than that of the whole country, it has also increased a lot compared with 47 yuan last year. Some insiders mentioned that the average ticket price in 2017 is 37.8 yuan, “but in five years, the national average ticket price has increased by more than 50%”.One reason is the epidemic: “The cinema occupancy rate is only 50%, plus the epidemic prevention and control, the operating cost will increase.” Another reason is that the “settlement price” set by the film producers has risen, “which means that the price is high, so the cinema can only increase.”Lin Ying mentioned that although the cinema wants to raise prices, it will also make a trade-off and control based on the market. “Our cinema does not rise much, and the overall price is still close to the people, with the average price between 45 and 50 yuan.”As the price rises, all boats go up. As the informant of the cinema, the best they can do is not to raise the price too much, but to do some event planning to increase the moviegoers’ experience.For example, during the Spring Festival, they specially introduced clay sculptures and paper-cuts and other intangible cultural heritage artworks to display. “Chinese New Year is our traditional festival. On the one hand, we want adults and children to understand our traditional art and feel its charm, and on the other hand, it also adds a lot of festive atmosphere.Similarly, Oscar Nautical Road Dennis Cineplex has set up “clocking points” and props for fans to take photos.In fact, there is also a hospital sources said the plane tickets to fill out, the ticket is currently still benign rising state, “can see directly, now domestic large production is becoming more and more excellent, especially like the long jin lake, director, actors including huge behind the team and the special effects, are production costs”.However, high ticket prices also mean high expectations, and audiences will have different psychological expectations when watching movies. “With different money spent, they will definitely have different requirements for movies, and they will have lower tolerance for bad movies.”So, it also forces creators to come up with better works.