Left-behind children have lunch problems, jiangxi Metropolitan Channel to help schools build love kitchen

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Urban site without authorization shall not be reproduced original source | educated youth hope primary school in jiujiang xiushui county HeShi Town nine ridge mountains at the foot of the beautiful, existing between one and six grade six classes, 142 students, is designed to teach the teacher a total of five people including the headmaster.In 2018, jiangxi Metropolitan Channel “Urban Love” column team came here for an interview. More than 3 years have passed, what changes have taken place here?Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, is a large county for migrant workers, and almost all the local young people work outside, resulting in the village is mostly old people and children. Currently, 75% of the 120 children in the school are left-behind children, so it is a problem to go home for lunch every day.In three years, the condition of the school is better. New buildings have been built and the number of teachers is increasing.But lunch for the children and their teachers is still up in the air.So three years later, “City Love” column team came to this school again, launched a warm children’s action for the children, with the help of caring people for the school children to build a love kitchen.Wen Qiumei, the headmaster of hope Primary School, said, “Are you tired of walking four times a day?Then from next semester, if the school set up a canteen, we will eat in the school, you open not happy?”Liao Junxiang, fifth grade student: “Happy.”It was a huge project to build this kitchen with hundreds of items, and all of them were equipped according to the number of children and teachers.The van was filled with kitchen supplies, which were different from those at home. Each item was large and specialized.CAI Xiaohua, Jiangxi Xinhuang Kitchen Catering Co., LTD. : Our car is about 60,000 yuan, not including our range hood system.Because it is a professional lampblack machine, spent about 50 thousand dollars.I grew up in the countryside, and I know firsthand what it feels like to be a kid without a canteen.So we just take this opportunity to make a contribution, so for us, it is very happy from the bottom of our hearts.Seeing the new kitchen equipment and dining tables and chairs, the students were so surprised that they couldn’t wait to ask their teachers about it.”How big the pot is!”What is this wheelbarrow for?””Is this the incubator?How do I use it?”…The children opened a hundred thousand why patterns, and their bright eyes were full of curiosity and joy.When they saw the dining table, the children could not help cheering. They began to imagine eating in the dining hall after the kitchen was built.Shen Kuiyuan, the former principal of the educated Youth Hope Primary school, was very happy and grateful when he heard that a caring person had donated a kitchen to the school.Shen Kuiyuan changed his fate through reading, with a grateful heart, he resolutely returned to the mountains to feed the countryside, change the fate of rural children.Under his influence, more and more teachers devoted themselves to rural education.And the last principal Xu Ting is he brought out.Xu Returned to her hometown, Fengxin County, Yichun city, after serving at the Educated Youth Hope Primary School for five years because of the national homing program.Returning to the place where she used to teach after so many years, she is also pleased to see the better and better construction of the school.Xu Ting, former principal of Educated Youth Hope Primary School: Thank you very much for the kitchen donated to our school.This kitchen was my dream when I just came to this primary school.Local villagers say that they and their children are all from this school, so they have a special affection for the school.Now that the school is going to build a love kitchen, the villagers are eagerly looking forward to it.Villager: Happy, very happy, the child is very distressed to go back and forth on rainy days, snow days have to go back for dinner, after dinner and then go to school.After the school will have food to eat, very happy.That the children lack of sports equipment, the staff will buy early volleyball, basketball, football, rope skipping and other equipment to the children.Kids holding a basketball can finally jump into a real basketball fuck.Jiangxi Kangfa Sports Industry Co., LTD. Staff: That is to say, offer a little love, and then hope that children grow up healthy and happy, children learn and progress in the New Year.The story of educated Youth Hope Primary School is neither short nor long. Many stories and experiences have warmed others and touched us.And these warm and touched, there are teachers’ persistence, but also everyone’s love.The warmth of a meal will warm their childhood. I hope everyone’s love can hold up a clear sky for the children in the countryside and hold up the wings of their dreams for the children in the mountains.