My daughter is a mathematician

2022-06-11 0 By

Daughter this year kindergarten middle class, her math is particularly great, often praised by the teacher, said she is a small mathematician.This day, we a family of three shopping, heard next to an old woman there to sell vegetables, and very loudly peddling: “cheap cheap, 2 yuan 1 catty, 5 yuan 3 catty!”A small card beside her also wrote: 2 yuan 1 jin, 5 yuan 3 jin!The daughter suddenly turned and walked towards the old woman selling vegetables.We said, “Hey, girl, what are you going to do?”When we caught up, our daughter was already talking to the old woman.She said very seriously, “Old woman, you have miscalculated!2 yuan a catty, 3 catties should be 6 yuan!”The old woman was stunned and did not know what to say.The daughter thought the old woman did not understand, she said: “Old woman, you look, I give you for example, a kilo is 2 yuan, we use 2 fingers.”Saying, she held out 2 fingers, then continued to say: “2 jin is 4 fingers, that is 4 yuan, right?Okay, well, what about three pounds?Is it six fingers?Isn’t that 6 yuan?Do you understand?”The old woman looked from her daughter to us, and we all laughed.Grandma touched my daughter’s cheek and said, “Gee, little girl, you are a wonderful little mathematician!Thank you!”My daughter humbly said, “You’re welcome.Next time, remember that!”​