Here comes the super SIM card!It makes phone calls and comes with 128GB of storage

2022-06-13 0 By

Super SIM cards have been officially launched in Macau, China.This time, 32GB and 128GB capacity will be available first.China Telecom (Macau) also designed a super SIM card “data card package” for users, combined with data packets, so that both large capacity and large data flow in one card.It is understood that this super SIM card has three advantages of large capacity, easy replacement and convenient money saving: SIM card itself has 32GB, 128GB large capacity for you to choose, you can save photos, video, App, data.You can also easily back up important information to the card.Change machine use, smooth transition.Access to large capacity and local data traffic in Macao.Large capacity storage sustainable use, change the machine does not change the card, environmental protection does not waste.In fact, not only China Telecom, But also China Mobile and China Unicom have launched similar super SIM cards before.Both are in the form of an extra memory card attached to the existing SIM card.Compared with traditional SIM cards, which have a maximum storage capacity of 512KB or even 128KB, super SIM cards can further expand the storage space of mobile phones.And it does not need to occupy the internal space of the phone, combined with a series of encryption and cloud services launched by operators, can improve the security of the user’s core data.In addition to this “bring your own storage” super SIM card, there is currently a super SIM card on the market.This SIM card contains encryption chip and NFC function, offline can be used as a meal card, access card, traffic card, car key;Financial security authentication, 5G electronic signature and large transfer can be conducted online.At present, some areas have opened this kind of super SIM card service, such as super chongqing mobile SIM card, in terms of transportation, chongqing mobile and the card company, opened a habitable flow based on super phone card card function, take chongqing bus or rail, can brush mobile bus directly, without scan code, without having to open the other APP,It is more convenient to recharge and pay online and enjoy the same benefits as a physical bus card.In addition, based on the high security level and digital authentication capability of super mobile phone card, it can provide security products and applications such as mobile phone authentication, SIM shield and mobile phone signature to government and enterprise customers.At present, Chongqing Mobile has cooperated with some communities and banks to realize the functions of access guard swiping by mobile phone and BANK U shield through super mobile card.At present, based on the traditional SIM card service, the mainstream operators are in the SIM card application and function expansion up and down a lot of efforts.Even before that, China Telecom launched a SIM card that supports quantum encryption.As for the application scenario, CITIC Guoxin introduced that it can be used for quantum encrypted call, quantum encrypted video call, quantum secure VPN access, quantum secure mobile office, quantum secure financial payment and other occasions.But while operators are pushing to add value to SIM cards, eSIM is the trend across the industry.Whether or not physical SIM cards should exist in the future has been a topic of discussion in the industry for many years.The reason why operators are currently playing so many tricks with physical SIM card applications is that they still want to have physical SIM cards available.Whether it is for storage or swiping, super SIM cards have been introduced in many places.If you have a need, call your carrier and ask about the service.Especially for some entry-level or old mobile phones, how many face insufficient storage or no NFC embarrassment, do a super SIM card may also be convenient.